Profesija ir hipertenzija

profesija ir hipertenzija
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Psychoanalytic approach So I can assert that the greatest influence on environment has the philosophy. And the biggest philosophies are the religions. But now I have to be disillusioned with the absence of the proper religion.

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If we take for example the Indian - this religion treats the world as an illusion. The reality is the great one.

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We are growing larger and larger as a world. More and more people will be inhabiting the earth, and we will need to do more to see that the world can provide for us all.

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Where will we find the appropriate philosophy for it? Indian religion, with respect for the spirits of the animals and the trees, cuts closer to the kind of philosophy I would like to see. However, the religion is perhaps too deferential.

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Indian religion arose in an atmosphere of relative abundance and few people. Indian philosophy of the environment hipertenzija aktorėje predicated on an abundance and not subduing our environment to make it produce more.

The ways are traditional and more passive.

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The earth gives us what we need, and we take what we need. If we look to the East we will found that this philosophy is not appropriate at all.

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Too big population will cause the lack of food, houses, and clothes. For some profesija ir hipertenzija of this religion the ideas of saving the environment may seem completely alien.

Arterijska hipertenzija - Dr. Olga Dabović Rac

In my profesija ir hipertenzija some places of this religion should be changed, should be updated. The same thing is with the Christian religion.

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If we look through the history we can find lots of facts when Christianity was trying to stop the development of science. If it had happened differently the great pollution would have started earlier. But on other hand the people would have earlier noticed the impact of human-beings on the environment.

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